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Springwell Parents and Carers Empowered (SPACE)

The SPACE project seeks to support the parents & carers of Springwell pupils by developing consistent approaches to their child’s difficulties in areas such as communication, new or stressful experiences, daily routines and behaviour.

SPACE draws on the expertise that exists in Springwell, within a framework of multi-agency collaboration, and is funded by Springwell School. SPACE support involves the use of experienced members of Springwell staff (usually Special School Assistants) as Key Home-School Link Workers.  

Family Liaison and Community Support Officer 

My role is to work with the parents/carers of the children who attend Springwell across all our sites. I support parents in finding information, completing DLA forms and accessing Family Fund. 


I regularly send home information on local events. I organise regular coffee mornings, held in the Community Room at Springwell; we invite guest speakers three times a year.


If you would like to contact me, please call 02380 445981 -  Gwen Harrison 

Welfare Officer

My role is to support the children, parents and staff of Springwell and the offsite provisions. I am the lead for all first aid and medical needs across the school. I am able to liaise with the School doctor and the school nurse and other health services. I support the class teams to ensure that children’s health and medical needs are meet whilst they are at school. I also coordinate all the moving and handling of the children to ensure everyone remains safe and support staff with offsite visits.

I work on the main site but am available to support any issues parents may wish to discuss.

If you would like to contact me, please call 02380 445981 - Tessa Hurst


Parent Workshops on Positive Behaviour Management 

Each academic year, we run a series of workshops for parents to support understanding of their child's behaviour. The workshops focuses are the communicative functions of behaviour, how the home and personal environment can affect children and their behaviour, and strategies for positive behaviour management and change. 

Emotional Literacy Support

Springwell School is proactive in promoting 'emotional literacy' for pupils and staff. Ultimately we hope to improve emotional well being throughout the school.

Emotional Literacy support is available to all pupils. This is provided within class but can also be provided by an Emotional Literacy Support Assistant (ELSA) on an individual or small group basis.

We hope to support our pupils to learn the skills necessary to understand and regulate their own emotions and also respect the feelings of those around them.