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Resourced Provision

We are fortunate at Springwell in that we currently have two resourced provisions at mainstream schools in the city. At Bitterne CE Primary we have Willow Class and at Mason Moor Primary we have Maple Class.


Each of our Resourced Provisions are staffed with a qualified teacher and excellent support from Special School Assistants all of whom are very experienced in teaching children with a wide range of complex and additional needs. Pupils in both Willow and Maple classes benefit from 1:1, paired or small group teaching and learning experiences where activities are tailored to meet the individual needs of the pupils. Pupils in both provisions wear the uniform of the host school and are included in all aspects of the school life. Staff work hard to ensure that all pupils in our provisions identify themselves as being a part of both the host school and Springwell.


Willow Class.

Based at Bitterne CE Primary, Willow class is currently providing exciting and engaging learning opportunities for pupils in both Key Stage 1 and 2. Pupils access their learning in a calm and engaging environment following the same strategies, structure and curriculum used on the main site. Pupils access some lessons with their mainstream peers as appropriate and with the support of staff from the resourced provision, activities are differentiated to ensure that each individual pupil can access the learning and make good progress. Willow class also regularly access the wonderful facilities at Springwell main site, including the hydrotherapy pool and wonder room, they also join their peers at Springwell each week for assemblies.


Maple Class

Based at Mason Moor Primary, Maple class is a Resourced Provision for Key Stage 2 pupils. English and Maths are taught within Maple class, reflecting the engaging and structured environment of a Springwell class. Pupils are supported during the afternoon by provision staff as they access the mainstream curriculum. Planning from the mainstream classes is differentiated by Maple class teacher as appropriate to ensure that each pupil can access the learning and progress in their learning and understanding. Maple pupils are fully integrated into the mainstream and supported by Springwell staff, they join their mainstream peers for all assemblies, special events and class/educational trips etc.  


We pride ourselves on the positive relationships we have with the children and their parents or carers and this is evident in the very positive feedback we have from parents and many past pupils come back to visit when they are able.