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Here at Springwell School we have an active school council of children who have volunteered to represent their fellow pupils.  We have regular meetings to think about, discuss and vote on school issues, particularly ideas which affect our children directly.   

At the beginning of each year the children reflect on how the meetings should be conducted and we decide upon our rules. This year we have decided that it is very important for us to listen to each other, to take turns to speak and to respect each others' opinions.


We conduct our meetings quite formally with an agenda and minutes which are displayed on our own notice board.  We have learned how to vote on issues using symbols where necessary.  The children have lots of ideas and are able to bring them openly to our meetings. 


We have been involved in many decisions and activities at school and have had a great deal of fun and enjoyment.  Here are some examples of things we have done: 


  • Road markings on the playground.
  • Music to be played at lunchtimes and coloured flags to show which class is next to go out to play.
  • New bikes and scooters for the playground.
  • New toys for the playground.
  • Ideas for Children in Need.
  • Benches in the shade for the KS2 playground.
  • Wear your pyjamas to school to raise money for our African friend, Isatou.
  • Ideas for different foods for snack time.
  • Gardening competition-our favourite vegetables.
  • Carrot growing competition was organised and judged by the school council.
  • Quiet areas (time to be still), including benches, signs and planters were voted on, ordered and set up by the school council.
  • Lining up signs were designed by a school council member.
  • School uniform sale to raise school funds.  The children helped to sort, fold and display the items and made posters and price labels.  Members also helped on the stall at the sale. 

Introducing our new school council for 2017-2018!

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Our Meetings


Agendas and minutes


Our School Council meetings are made as accessible and enjoyable as possible for our children using many of our communication strategies.


As part of our preparations we distribute an agenda to all the classes prior to the meetings so that staff have an opportunity to introduce ideas to their pupils and make them aware of what is going to be asked of them.


We plan to publish these agendas on this part of the school website, together with the subsequent minutes. This is will enable families and friends to know what is happening and to give them an opportunity to communicate about the issues at home if they wish to do so. 


We greatly welcome your input and ideas and invite your feedback.  Thank you for your support which is much appreciated.  

Our School Council Agreements

Our School Council Agreements 1 Xavier
Our School Council Agreements 2 James

Decisions in progress!

Decisions in progress! 1
Decisions in progress! 2

School Council Report 2016-17


Thank you to all our school council children for their enthusiasm and willingness to join in so well with our meetings.


This year we have continued using our Velcro voting system with great success.  In addition we have implemented differentiated visual agendas for the children also using the narrative symbols such as ‘where’, ‘what’ and ‘who’ that we now use across the school. This has made the proceedings even more accessible for all our children.


We have had another busy year in school council.  Some of our activities:-


  • Hosting visitors.

 We were joined in one of our meetings by Jackie and a colleague who were interested in the childrens’ opinions of our school, work and teachers.  This was a very successful and productive meeting which everyone enjoyed.  Later in the year we wrote invitation letters to parents and carers to come to a meeting arranged by Gwen. We served refreshments and the visitors enjoyed watching the proceedings as we voted to have a school council suggestion box in each classroom.  Everyone (including all the adults) participated in decorating and labelling a shoebox accordingly.


  • Activity time.

We voted on new toys for activity time use outside. The children were able to understand different ideas about what different children might like.  Among the items chosen were a large chalkboard, a football net and balls and lots of bubbles.  Louise is planning to order some of these things, among others, in good time for next year.


  • Questionnaire.

Members of the staff were interviewed by the children, the results of which were published in the staff newsletter. This was an excellent exercise in practical communication skills, confidence and enjoyment for the children as well as an opportunity for everyone to get to know a little more about some of our newer colleagues.  The questions were devised by the school council members themselves.


  • Angus.

The children talked about what being helpful was and then coloured a poster incorporating their ideas for their classes.


  • Drink more.

The children understood the importance of drinking plenty of fluids, particularly on hot days.  It was decided to take water bottles outside at activity times as far as possible but also sometimes to have jugs of water and paper cups so that pupils can request a drink as needed. This will be part of school council development next year to incorporate some use of PECS on the playground.

School Council End of Term Party! - 19.07.17

Parent/Carers came to School Council - 14.06.2017

School Council 9.2.17


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