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Financial Benchmarking

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Financial Benchmarking 

We have no employees with an income over £100k.

National Tutoring Programme 2023-2024

Tuition Tutoring is defined as a teacher, teaching assistant or other professional educator providing intensive and individualised academic support to pupils in either one-to-one or small group arrangements. 

The National Tutoring programme (NTP) is intended to help close the education gap which widened as a result of COVID-19. We know that disadvantaged and vulnerable pupils face more barriers during school disruptions including problems in accessing digital devices and difficulties in studying autonomously at home. 

The school-led tutoring grant in the academic year 2023 to 2022 will be calculated based on the number of pupils eligible for pupil premium. 

We used the  school led tutoring approach which is defined as “members of a school’s own personnel, either currently employed or specifically engaged for this purpose, including retired, returning or supply teachers, support staff, and others”.

We looked at ways in which we could boost engagement, further support communication, and focus on some of our more complex pupils.

The targeted work which we planned was as follows:

Music therapy, Play therapy, Keystone tuition and behaviour support. 

The Grant allocation is £21,326