Springwell School

Satellite Classes

We are fortunate at Springwell to now have three satellite classes at mainstream schools in the city. At Bitterne CE Primary we have Willow Class, at Mount Pleasant Junior School we have Packham class and at Mason Moor Primary we have Maple Class.

Each of our satellite classes are staffed with a qualified teacher and excellent support from Special School Assistants, all of whom are very experienced in teaching children with a wide range of complex and additional needs. Pupils in Willow, Packham and Maple classes benefit from 1:1, paired or small group teaching and learning experiences where activities are tailored to meet the individual needs of the pupils. Pupils in the satellite classes wear the uniform of the host school and are included in all aspects of the school life. Staff work hard to ensure that all pupils in our satellite classes identify themselves as being a part of both their host school and Springwell.


*Mian Class was renamed Maple Class from September 2022

* The term "Resourced provision" was renamed "Satellite Classes" in January 2024

Willow Class

Based at Bitterne CE Primary, Willow class is currently providing exciting and engaging learning opportunities for pupils in Key Stage 1. Pupils access their learning in a calm and engaging environment following the same strategies, structure and curriculum used on the main site.

Pupils currently access playtimes, lunchtimes and assemblies with their mainstream peers, this will begin to be extended to include music, PE and Golden Time when the class team feel that it is appropriate. Willow class are very much a part of Bitterne CE Primary and are included in all aspects of school life e.g. fundraising events, celebrations and festivals. Willow class also regularly access the wonderful facilities at Springwell main site, including the hydrotherapy pool and wonder room.

Packham Class

Based at Mount Pleasant Junior School, Packham class provides exciting and engaging learning opportunities for pupils in Key Stage 2. Pupils access their learning in a structured and engaging environment following the same strategies, structure and approaches used on the main site.

Pupils access playtimes, lunchtimes and assemblies with their mainstream peers along with some foundation subjects following the mainstream curriculum. The pupils join a mainstream class for some of the foundation subjects supported by staff from the satellite classes, mainstream planning is differentiated by the Packham class teacher so that the pupils can access the learning opportunities. Packham class are also very much a part of Mount Pleasant School and are included in all celebrations, events and trips offered to their mainstream classes. They also regularly access the facilities at Springwell main site, including the hydrotherapy pool and wonder room.

Maple Class

Based at Mason Moor Primary, Maple class is a satellite class for Key Stage 2 pupils. English and Maths are taught within Maple class, reflecting the engaging and structured environment of a Springwell class.

Pupils are supported during the afternoon by Springwell staff as they access the mainstream curriculum. Planning from the mainstream classes is differentiated by Maple class teacher as appropriate to ensure that each pupil can access the learning and progress in their learning and understanding. Maple pupils are fully integrated into the mainstream school life and, supported by Springwell staff, they join their mainstream peers for all assemblies, special events and class/educational trips etc.

We pride ourselves on the positive relationships we have with the children and their parents or carers and this is evident in the very positive feedback we have from parents and many past pupils come back to visit when they are able.

Satellite Classes Parent Comments 2023

Our son has made amazing progress this year with the help and support of his teachers. The work you have done guys we can only say Thank you. We really appreciate your support to our child . He is going to miss you all so much.


Our daughter has made so much progress and is being able to trust teachers and pupils again. She has come a long way since the beginning she can regularly her brain better and made than running away from the problem. She is so happy and content.


I was anxious at first about our son attending a SC as it was a new setting, but he has absolutely thrived. This was the best decision for him and he is now better able to achieve his potential and is just much happier and settled. Bill has been fantastic as has his support teachers - we cannot thank them enough!


I can’t describe how incredibly proud I am of our son this past year. I could have never imagined he would progress as far as he has. Willow has given him the confidence to try and continue even when things are difficult. I know I say this at every opportunity but thank you so much for all your support of both my son and I.


We are so proud of our son; his progress has been remarkable this year! We love our happy, funny and kind little boy sooo much! Can't wait to see where he will go from here, we already see how much potential he has, especially with how hard he works and how resourceful he can be! ❤️


Our son’s journey in satellite class has been absolutely amazing. We’ve have observed and witnessed his progress in communication, reading, phonics, social interactions, maths, his building up confidence and independence in doing tasks. All of these won’t be possible without the help and support of experienced staff in class. He has his good, and not so good days, but we always feel that he is safe and looked after well in class. We, as parents, are extremely grateful for the opportunity satellite class has given him since Day 1. We appreciate and acknowledge all the hard work, patience, love and genuine care you have provided for him and the whole class. His learning journey will continue and we believe that he is in the best place to achieve set goals.
Thank you to all.❤️