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Statutory End of Key Stage assessments

In 17/18, there has continued to be the requirement to statutorily assess and report pupils’ attainment using P Level, Pre-key stage standards and National Curriculum levels. 


End of KS1

There were 28 pupils in Y2 (end of KS1). Of these, 12 pupils were levelled on the Early Development P levels (P1-P3).  16 pupils were assessed at P5-P8 in English, Maths and Science.


End of KS2

There were 13 pupils in Y6 (end of KS2). Of these, three pupils were levelled on the Early Development P levels (P2-P3). Four pupils were levelled from P4-P8, two pupils were levelled on P levels and pre-key stage standards, and six pupils attained at the pre-key stage level.


The end of key stage results demonstrate the attainment spread and the range of need at Springwell.


The processes for statutory reporting will be changing for 18/19, with updated pre-key stage standards and levels P1-4 only be used for non-subject based learners.


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