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At Springwell, we strive for outstanding attendance and had set the school target at 96% for 2020/21. 


Pupils' attendance has been impacted on by Covid 19 and lockdowns; there is no statutory duty to report attendance this academic year. 


From September 2021, we will be working towards excellent attendance and resetting our school target. 


We continue to work with parents and carers to support them with their child’s attendance.


It is important that parents:-

Ensure that their child is able to attend school by:

  • Making medical appointments out of school time wherever possible.
  • Avoiding booking any holidays during term time.


The school will:-

  • Work with parents and carers to support attendance
  • Ensure parents /carers are aware of the school term dates and INSET days on our website. 
  • Notify parents of any immediate school closure e.g. due to bad weather.


We want pupils to:-

  • Attend school regularly.
  • Arrive on time and ready to learn.


Below is a table detailing our actions taken to support attendance: 


Springwell process for supporting pupils to attend school.  




  1. Ongoing analysis of all pupil attendance and reporting to link Educational Welfare Officer (EWO).

Identification of patterns and frequency.


2. If a pupil is absent: the same day, office staff will call parents to ask why the pupil is not in school.

Information finding.

If absences continue and/or fall below 90%


3.        A senior leader will call parents to update on concerns, to offer support and identify what we can do to raise attendance.


If there is a health concern, our Welfare Officer may also call parents.

Raised parental awareness of levels of absence, impact on education and possible involvement of outside agencies.


Health advice and support.

If absences continue and/or fall below 90%


4.    Springwell will request to do a home visit – this would be a senior leader, Welfare Officer and/or Family Link Officer - who work with parents to create action plan.

All parties working together to improve attendance.

If absences continue and/or fall below 90%


5.      Involvement of outside agencies and formal meeting in school and referral to EWO.

Input from increased parties. 

Possible fixed penalty notice.