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Ball Skills

This week’s theme is Ball Skills.

There are so many different ways you can play with a ball, practise your skills. You can use different size balls to play different games- indoor games, outdoor games. Maybe you could create your own game! W have lots of great ideas for you to try. Take a look at our weekly PE challenge Document too. There are lots of great challenges for you to try.


Can you use recycled materials to make a ball run, a maze or a marble run?


Play catch and count the number of times you catch successfully.


Toss a ball in a bucket or hoop, creating a target. You could add up different points for different containers

Bean bag toss


Have your own ‘egg and spoon’ race  by transporting plastic balls using a sieve/large spoon


Practice throwing and catching balloons or water balloons!


Practice throwing and catching different sized balls, kicking a football etc. 


Knock down bottles with a tennis ball in the garden. You can also use cardboard rolls.


Practice throwing different coloured plastic balls into different coloured tubs/washing baskets etc. 


Balance balls on tennis rackets


   Create an assault course or circuit and try rolling a ball around things in the garden.


    Try kicking a ball into a net or large container.


Bounce a ball up and down - how high can you bounce it?


Bounce a ball in paint, shaving foam, soapy water or flour for some messy play

Transport and balance plastic balls on cardboard tubes 

Roll balls into buckets/tunnels etc. 

Indoor bowling with a cup tower or cardboard rolls


Make a throwing game (cut holes in card board, label with different points (10,20,30 etc) throw balls to score)


Take a look at the SCS print out for some more ideas


Catch a ball game


13 Throwing games