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Build & Make

The theme this week is building and making.

You could use fruit and spaghetti to make a shape or a tower. You could make a junk model tower or building. If you have any blocks or lego you could try building different things. It’s fun to see if you can balance books and make a book tower. This is also fun with plastic cups! Can you make a tall tower? Can you build a house? Maybe you could build something for one of your toys? If you have a big box, or some material you could build a car or a den! You could also try making a water bottle car, or a cereal box marble run or maze. You can have lots of fun building with things you find at home.


Tall towers

Give out a selection of coloured bricks. Ask your child to start a tower by placing one of their bricks on the floor. They then add a brick to the tower – “Please will you put a blue brick on the tower.” That child then instructs next, taking turns until the tower is built. Photograph the tower and challenge the children to build a taller tower next time. Experiment with different sized and shaped bricks.



Junk modelling

Building a bug hotel

Lots of great makes


Printable activities:

Building bricks flashcards

Building brick challenge cards

Building brick challenge cards 2

Sweet Sculpture

Cereal box marble run

Plastic bottle car