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This week’s theme is capacity.

Capacity is a great subject for practical life skills and sensory exploration. You can make your own drinks, measure liquid, pour objects, scoop objects, play with containers filling and emptying and use lots of different objects and materials. Most importantly have fun! Compare capacities by filling and emptying  using language empty, full, more, less, more than, less than which containers hold less, which hold more?


Full and empty. Playing with containers is fun! You can choose containers of different sizes; egg cups, plastic cups, plastic tubs, pans, lids and fill and empty with a number of materials/ objects- cereal, pasta, flour, water, toys, lego, bricks, leaves, rice, lentils, popcorn, oats, orbeez


Whizz up some strawberries or bananas and measure milk to mix your own milkshake.


Make potions or silly soup with liquids. You can measure to full or half full, a line on a container or use a measuring jug to measure mls. You could have a list with the amount e.g. half cup, 1 cup, etc and they can choose what they are going to put in like rice, blue water, jelly etc


Make up drinks for you family, glasses of water, squash or juice.


Order bottles based on capacity from empty to full.


Measure fruit juice and chop fruit to make your own smoothie or try making juice cocktails with different fruit juices, following a simple recipe and measuring out amounts to make a cocktail.


Use the Twinkl resources to order the potions or match the labels to the containers.


Explore and experiment with sound and capacity by making your own Water Xylophone


Compare containers based on their capacity and looking at whether size matters.


Have a go at some cooking. A lot of recipes use cups to measure and this is a great way to explore capacity. E.g 2 cups of cornflakes, 1 cup of melted chocolate


Play a capacity game. Have a set of containers with lines drawn on to fill to- who can fill theirs first

Try some estimating, How many pom poms do you think will fit into a cup? How many pieces of pasta? How many bricks? How many cups of water do you think it will take to fill a bucket?


You could explore capacity by packing a small case or box for one of your toys.

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