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This week’s theme is Carnival.

Have some fun with colour, texture and sound. Explore different masks, costumes and homemade games. You could have a go at tin can bowling, splat some shaving foam ice creams, dance to some carnival music. There are lots of fun and colourful ideas to explore .

Make a carnival headdress

Decorate a mask

Try some face painting or dressing up

Have a go at a homemade game like tin can bowling or throwing balls into different sized containers.

Create a paper plate clown face (use coloured cooked spaghetti for the clown hair)

Create a popcorn sensory tray (fill and empty containers)

Make a candy floss collage using cotton wool

Water balloon play 

Use shaving foam to play ice cream splat. If you have small cups, or you could make a paper cone, spray shaving foam on the top to create an ice cream and then splay them. Great fun!

Make some balloon ball rice juggling balls

Make juggling balls with socks and rice

Make a carnival sensory tray

add rice, ribbons, pom poms, animals

Do some carnival inspired just dance on youtube.

See how Miriam celebrates carnival

Make a hat

Sing along to the colour carnival song