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This week’s theme is Characters.

There are characters everywhere. In the books we read, in the programmes we watch. In our favourite clips and films, in computer games. Maybe even on our clothing or in our dressing up boxes.  Lots of us have favourite characters and can name them. Can we describe them too? Can we match them? Can we find them in a treasure hunt? Maybe we can design our own character or try dressing up as a character.


Explore your favourite books, who are the characters? Can you identify them? Can you identify something about them do they have a costume? What do they like doing? Talk/write about why you like that character. Create a friend for a character in a story or a new character for a favourite story. 


Explore different characters you might watch on television like the number blocks, Thomas the Tank, Superheroes or cartoon characters. What are they called? What colour are they? What do they wear? Maybe you could design a new costume for an existing character that you like?


Use the character cards to explore different types of characters. You could try sorting them into categories


Explore different types of characters- animals, humans, fantasy, fairytales.


Cut up a selection of printed characters and mix and match to create new characters, write labels/ sentences to describe the character. Name, likes/dislikes etc


Use the printable resource to create some mix and match characters of your own.


Print some pictures of your favourite characters and hold a character hunt, hiding characters to find. You could have pictures to match or tick off.


Try some fun play activities with different characters


Pirates and mermaids - dress up as a pirate, make a treasure map, do a treasure hunt around the house/garden, make a treasure chest, make a pirate hat, pirate ship with cardboard boxes, make a telescope, obstacle course in the garden - walk the plank! Make a mermaid tail with card and cupcake cases, make an underwater sensory bottle, make a mermaid necklace/bracelet with sea-coloured beads, mermaid tail colouring, painting, collaging. 


Fairies - make a fairy wand, make a fairy garden (decorate plant pots with paint and glitter, paint stones, paint lolly sticks for fences around the fairy garden), fairy sensory trays (glitter, pastel coloured foam/slime), make fairy wings, make a fairy water tray with bath petals and salts, make flower headbands 


Wizards- Make a wand, make a wizard’s hat, play spells, make garden or kitchen potions, decorate a cloak, collage or paint a wizard’s pet like a cat, frog or rat.


Superheroes - dress up as a superhero, make a superhero cape/mask, make a superhero obstacle course (can you save the day and rescue the teddy), design/create your own superhero, practice superhero moves along to superhero songs HERE


Food characters- try using food as a sensory and creative way to make a character