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Comic Strips

This week’s theme is a comic strip, explore pictures and captions.

Have a go at some speech bubbles.

Cut up a storyboard and re order it

Using our resources match words with pictures

Make a superhero comic strip, make a comic strip of your favourite story (draw/cut out pictures and stick)

Have a look at some pictures or photos, what do you think the people might say? How might they be feeling.

Create a photo story of things you have been doing at home and write or match captions to go with the pictures.


Use our resources to match the caption with the character

Create a photo story of an activity, like building a tower, dancing or painting a picture

Explore Superheroes and have a go at making your own Supertato

Make your own super potato

Supertato Story

Maybe you could create your own different vegetable superhero and write/ film some captions or  a story to go with it.

Use story maker to create your own story

Story maker 1

Story maker 2

Make an online storyboard