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Computing & Technology

This week’s theme is Computing and technology.

Explore cause and effect (torches, stop and go button toys, remote control toys)

Take photos/videos using cameras/iPads,

Practice typing - name/searching for pictures of favourite animals/toys/TV characters etc.

Jumble magnetic letters and make word

Make words with magnetic letters/ writing and have a go at typing them

Use different technology to listen to music- Make your own playlist

Do some online painting:

BBC Creative

ABC Paint

Play some typing practice games:

Kids typing games
Keyboard practice
Typing rocket

Cup stack

Typing games

BBC Bitesize Computing

Bitesize 1

Bitesize 2

Mark making or writing letters and words on iPad programmes

Have a go at some musical apps (e.g. playing the piano on iPad) 

Typing dance mat 

Create stories games and animations 

Cause and effect software