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Design & Label

This week’s theme is Design and label.

You could draw something. You could invent something. You could label a picture from a book or a magazine. You could collect objects and label them You could draw yourself or use photos to label people and things about them.


Find objects in your house to label/ match labels or symbols or find/ match the letters to make the word


Mix colours and label. Have fun painting!


Cut up a picture of your favourite animal/ character/ person and make a puzzle to put back together

Label/ match numbers or groups of objects with the correct numbers


Design a character, robot, car, building, vehicle, island, country, flag, playground and label with writing/ overwriting or symbols.


Design a play area/garden and label what would be in it.


Draw or find a picture of your favourite animal and label with writing/ overwriting or symbols.


Print a picture of a favourite animal/character etc. and label key parts - e.g. colours, features


Take a photo of your bedroom/house/garden - label key parts with writing/overwriting/symbols 


Design a junk model or a playdough monster and label before, then make one


Draw and label your favourite dinner before making it. 


Classroom and animal labelling game

Use the game to label the clothing items

Colour labelling