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Earth Art

This week’s theme is Earth Art.

You can have lots of fun using natural materials or engage in some creative play themed around the earth.


This is a wonderful resource where you can explore ‘Super Nature’ virtually using your senses. Use the link to enter and then click on the images to view video clips on some fantastic resources.


Create a nature art picture using natural materials. These are some bugs were created using things found in the garden can you guess what they are?


Collect some twigs and press into playdough to create a playdough tree.


Use natural materials to draw around or paint over to create a stencil.

Print using natural materials such as leaves.

If you have some googly eyes, or create some paper ones you can make a leaf person- see photos.
You could create different people using different leaves.

Take some photos of colourful, natural things you see outside.

Take part in a nature hunt- see resources.

Head outside and look for:

  • brightly coloured wild flowers
  • fluffy dandelion clocks
  • leaves
  • a feather
  • spotty ladybirds
  • a smooth stone


An excellent idea from the Woodland Trust is a tiny treasure box


Try painting with different types of plants/ leafs. Herb painting is very sensory if you try something like Rosemary.


Herb Painting Activity


Try using sticks, leaves, pine cones etc for painting/mark making.

Collect sticks and paint different colours to make a rainbow picture.

Collect pine cones whilst out walking and paint them upon return. Add some sparkle if you
have some glitter available.

Do some bark and leaf rubbings to create a pattern.


Make a happy face using resources from a walk/ your garden.

Can you write your name using resources you've found on a walk/ in your garden?


Paint a pebble/ stone and post your design on Tapestry.

Make an Earth collage - tear blue and green paper/tear pictures of the sea/trees/grass.

Make pictures using items on your walk/in the garden - grass, sticks, stones, flowers etc. 

Paint the earth onto a paper plate, mixing blue and green colours (you could use different materials
to print, e.g. bubble wrap.

Make Earth slime - blue and green colours.