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This week’s theme is Experiment

You can experiment with all kinds of things! There are lots of ideas here using things you can find at home including bubble printing, message on a banana, regrowing vegetables and a bouncy egg!

Try freezing some Jelly and then having fun melting it, lots of texture, sensory play and science to be explored.


You could use some household materials, boxes etc to create your own marble run

Lots of great simple shadow experiments

Cut out and make shadow people or use pipe cleaners

Make some shadow drawings 

Make water walk with some food colouring, cups and paper towel

If you feel like getting messy with shaving foam this is a lovely sensory experiment using shaving foam and cotton wool click HERE for an example

Milk art experiments great fun with food colouring and milk HERE

Make a butterfly feeder

Make a lemonade explosion with food colouring and salt

Skittles and water experiment. Place skittles around the outside of a plate. Pour a bit of warm water into the middle of the plate and watch as the colour from the skittles runs into the water making a wonderful pattern! Skittles experiment

If you have an egg and some vinegar you can experiment with getting the yolk without breaking the egg HERE

Lots of cool experiments to explore HERE

BBC Terrific Science

This great fun and works again and again. You need an old CD, a balloon, a sports bottle top and some glue HERE


Have a look at "Magic Torches" and "Ice Exploration" activities on tapestry


There is a free app available called - Scribbaloo paint & Kaleido Free. Both allow your child to experiment with Art on an easy to access App


Make a raincloud in a jar- 


Create a Colour walk - line up 7 cups. Pour water to the top of cup 1, 3, 5, and 7 and leave the other cups empty. Put red food colouring in cup 1, yellow in cup 3, blue in cup 5 and red in cup 7. Cut kitchen roll in half and then fold over length-ways 3 or 4 times. Put one end of the kitchen toll in cup 1 and the other in cup 2. Repeat until all cups have one end of kitchen roll in. Watch as the water and colours run up the kitchen roll and into the empty cups and the colours mix. Have a look here to see the experiment in action.