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Owen's Party

Help for Christmas:

"Together as a group we will work on how to support our children with autism over the Christmas period and how to make it the very special time that it should be


We will cover helping your child understand what is going to happen over the coming weeks as we build up to Christmas 


How to communicate to school and nursery what your child needs adapted so they cope and enjoy themselves


Tools to deal with anxiety 


Sensory processing issues and strategies 


What to do on the day and how to adapt 


Training will be via email and in a short term pop up Face book group and starts on the 26th November - people can join after that date too 


The challenge runs for 2 weeks during which time we will work together each day to plan our greatest Christmas and ensure our children are well supported "


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New group for parent/carers of Autism/ADHD children

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Penguin Club - Active Nation

Buzz Network - For Parents and Carers of disabled children


The Buzz Network is a group for Southampton parents/carers of children with disabilities/special needs. It is open to children with any disability from ADHD to visual impairments, as long as they meet the eligibility criteria. It is funded by Southampton City Council who work closely with the A-buzz parent carer forum to make sure it is meeting parents needs.


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Sleep Help Institute

Researchers have found that autism can affect the body’s ability to produce melatonin at the correct times, causing autistic children and adults to experience daytime fatigue and difficulty falling asleep at night. Sensory issues in the bedroom can also make it difficult to fall asleep and sleep well throughout the night. Our guide covers these issues in detail and gives some simple, non-prescription options for getting a better night’s sleep. Please follow the link to find out more.