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This week’s theme is Feelings.

Throughout the day we experience many feelings. They are important to feel, begin to identify and understand. There are lots of great activities you can do to explore different feelings and emotions.



Exercise can make you feel great! Have a go at our weekly PE challenge!


Use the widgit symbol emotion cards to match and discuss emotions


Make a collage/ list of things that make me happy or things I like and don’t like.


Make and decorate a happy box and fill it with little items that make you happy/comfort you, e.g. pillow, blanket, stress ball, book, sensory fidget toys/ribbons/bottles etc. - when you are feeling sad/worried/angry you can then go to your special box to help you to feel calm again 


Make a feelings board with pictures of different emotions - choose an emotion picture to describe how you are feeling 


Make emotions sensory bottles and draw/stick faces on the bottles


Look at reflection in mirror and make different faces, e.g. happy face, excited face, worried face


Use playdough to make different emotions faces or add features to faces given- Can you make a happy face, can you make a sad face.


Do some sensory circuits to explore how they make you feel.

  • Alerting- Movement/ just dance
  • Organising- Yoga/ obstacle course
  • Calming- Calming music/lying down/mindful minute


Practice the different facial expressions of emotions.


Taking selfies using different emotive faces and identify the emotion/ match the emotion/ identify features of the emotion.


Use the Widgit resource to make a little worry book, identifying what you might like or need.


Using the characters from the film ‘Inside Out’ to recognise the different emotions and how they make us feel. Guess the emotions using the characters


Explore different scenarios and let them decide which character matches it – demonstrate that we all experience different emotions in different situations e.g. someone may find eating vegetables joyful, but someone else might find it disgusting!


What makes me happy? What makes me sad? What makes me angry? etc

Building up collage pages of symbols and actions that cause that emotion

Activities we enjoy/don’t enjoy

How can I make myself calm? Experiencing different activities that support helping us calm –

Listening to music with sensory toys

Reading a story 

Spa day activities- massage/ foot spa

Painting cardboard hand nails

Yoga/mindfulness activities

Making playdough and stress-balls 


Share stories together and think about how the characters feel. Or talk about how characters in a tv program feel and why. 


There is a fantastic free book called Rain before Rainbows about positive thinking PDF

Storybots Feeling

A story about feelings and colour