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Fractions / Sharing

This week’s theme is Fractions/ Sharing.

There are lots of ways you can explore and engage in fractions. Learn about whole, halves and quarters. You can do lots of practical halving and quartering. You can share objects/ pictures into half and quarter. Half and quarter amounts, sharing between 2, 3, 4 or any number!


Pizza- Whenever we think about fractions pizza come into thought! That and cake! You could use excellent life skills making a pizza or decorating a pizza base/ mini bread muffin or pitta bread and then use it to explore halves and quarters.

Paper Plate pizza fractions


Vegetables and fruit are fun to explore, halving and quartering. You can also share sections between two people- halving the amount. How many pieces/ items does each person get? Fruit is great for exploring how two halves make a whole. Try halving different types of fruit and finding the other half


Halve jaffa cakes or kitkats as they are easy to break or Share a selection of items between bowls (e.g. pom-poms, cars, food etc.)


Play cards/ matching and share the cards out. You could also try counters halving the amount. Sharing into different numbers- between 2, 3 or 4. This can work with cereal/ pasta too.


Create some pipe cleaner bird feeders. You will need pipe cleaners and cheerios. Thread the cheerios onto the pipe cleaners sharing the amount equally between a number of birds.


Use the printable pictures to explore and match and identify halves and quarters


Practice colouring/painting whole/half/quarters of shapes or cutting shapes into sections.


Cut play dough shapes in halves and quarters. Roll it into balls and share between plates/ bowls


Divide a paper plate in halves/quarters and decorate segments - explore putting the segments back together again to make a whole


Fractions games