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Fun with Food and Cooking

This week’s theme is Fun with Food and Cooking.

You can have so much fun and develop so many skills through cooking. Cooking is great for practising and developing fine motor skills-grating, chopping, cutting, peeling. Exploring different foods can be a great sensory experience. You can develop maths skills by counting, measuring and weighing. 


We have lots of great Widgit symbol recipes you could try at home. Emily, one of our teachers has given us her recipes for cookies and brownies which you can find at the bottom of the page.


Cooking shows for children:


Home Cooking Club

Junior Bake Off

CBBC Matilda and the Ramsey Bunch


Perhaps you could record yourself cooking or have a go at making your own cooking show!

Or you could be a ‘judge’ and try tasting some different types of food.

Can you create your own cake, or recipe? You could choose the flavours, write a shopping list or make something from ingredients you have at home. Maybe you could have a cooking competition!


You could create fruit kebabs. Can you make a pattern with the fruit?


Make a fruit hedgehog using grapes


Have a go at creating Pizza faces with your favourite vegetables


You could have a go at making something insoired by a favourite character like Gruffalo crumble 

Or create some transport food like this wonderful Vegetable train 

Use your favourite fruit to make a smoothie.

There are some fantastic edible sensory play activities HERE