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This week’s theme is Habitats.

There are lots of different an interesting habitat environments you can explore. You can listen to different stories about different animals and where they live. Can you think about animals which live on farm, or in the jungle? What about animals you might keep as pets?  Maybe you can decide which animal lives in which habitat. Perhaps you could look for bugs when you are outside. Or design a new habitat for an animal to live in.


Explore habitats using the class clips HERE


HERE is a clip where you can see lots of different types of habitats 


Try out some different Habitat games HERE


Use the Twinkl sorting activity to sort the animals into the correct habitats


Make a habitat box. There are some ideas HERE


Or make a  habitat sensory trays HERE


There is a fantastic printable game from Marwell Zoo all about Habitats (link below!)


Explore which animals might live in gardens or throughout the local area.

If you go for a walk look out for the animals you might see. Use the printable bird scavenger hunt to spot some birds.


Try this habitat quiz HERE


Look at habitats on youtube (the arctic, desert, ocean, underground, farm etc)


Using the Twinkl resources, match the minibeast to their habitat


The Tin Forest is a lovely story about a man who creates a beautiful world from a junkyard. Different types of animals and habitats are explored such as jungles and forests. Click HERE to view the story.


Over and Under the snow looks at different forest animals using prepositions. It’s a fun story. You can discuss the animals and where they live- over or under the snow. Click HERE.


Rumble in the Jungle a fantastic story exploring the animals who live in the jungle. Click HERE to view the story.