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Happy Toolbox

This week’s theme is A Happy Toolbox.

There are lots of activities and objects which make us happy. These can be things we see, activities we do, music we listen to, games we play, places we go, movement and exercise too. Have a look at our ideas to create your own Happy Tool Box.


Make a happy toolbox - e.g. decorate a shoe box - use your favourite colours to paint the box, stick pictures of your favourite characters/animals/sports players on the box, stick happy pictures of you and your family on the box. You could decorate the box with sequins and glitter, or stickers.


Fill the toolbox with little items that make you happy/comfort you, e.g. small blanket, stress ball, book, bubbles, sensory fidget toys/ribbons/bottles etc. 


Write some activity ideas that make you happy/calm on cards and put them in the box. Choose a card each day with your family and enjoy your happy activity! 


You could make a Happy Toolbox filled with all your favourite songs, or clips or games.


You could make a Happy Toolbox filled with all your favourite sensory items.


You could make a Happy Toolbox filled with your favourite relaxation activities like hand massage, or types of breathing


Star Breathing

Get your fingers ready by stretching them wide. Start by using one finger to slowly trace the fingers of the other hand. As you breathe in slide your finger up, as you reach your fingertip, pause. Slide down as you breathe out. Continue slowly until you finish tracing your hand - then return. Then trace an imaginary star in the air. Start drawing the first line of the upper triangle as you breathe in, hold for a moment when you reach the top and breathe out as you go down. Repeat the breathing as you trace each line of the star until you reach the end. Keep going until you have travelled around the whole star. Use an outline of a star to make this activity more visual


Make a mindful moment Happy box- add an object which is interesting to look at, feel and explore. Maybe this object is smooth, maybe it makes noise, maybe it is shiny like treasure?

This week's Springwell PE Challenge!!