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Household Items

This week’s theme is Household Items.

We have put together lots of activities you can do with things you find in the home. These activities can promote labelling, sequencing, following instructions, imaginative play, self-occupation skills, sorting, choice and fun!


  • Spray bottle – fill with water and spray the car outside, the shower glass, flowers on a walk etc- Good for hand strengthening and fun too!
  • Ladle – perfect for scooping small items or water from one container to another- great for fine motor skills
  • Gift bags – Gift bags are great for filling, emptying and transporting
  • Pot with water & measuring cups, spoons etc Practice those capacity and volume skills. Using language such as full/ empty/ more/ less
  • Old notebooks or calendar you can role play, identity the days of the week and the numbers for the days
  • Masking tape or washi tape – perfect for using indoors because it comes off easily, or use it to make games,  etc on the floor- a line to walk along, practising balance or hopscotch. You could make sorting/ sharing squares too!
  • Baking soda and vinegar – put baking soda in a cup on a tray, add vinegar and watch the bubbles!
  • Sink or float with random toys around the house –write down or select your guess before each one!
  • Kitchen tongs – just give them some tongs and let them go! These are great for fine motor skills, picking up different objects and transferring them. You could extend this by having a timer to see how many things you could transfer.
  • Paper rolls – make binoculars, telescopes, rain sticks, glasses, bowling pins, tower building and more
  • Taking everything out a drawer or cupboard – look at the sizes of things, the sounds, the materials, how they feel
  • Tea bags – take them out of the box, put them back in, stack them up, line them up in a row….
  • Pipe cleaners/ spaghetti and colander - poke them through the holes and pull them out. Or use the pipe cleaners with cheerios to thread onto them
  • String – wind string/yarn/ribbon around anything and everything or use it to do some threading
  • Washing up liquid and water to clean toys - Create a washing station with lots of bubbles. A lovely activity for the bath, or outside.
  • Beans in a jar with a screw tight lid – save a plastic bottle, add anything that will make noise like beans, lentils, pasta etc and put the lid on. Tape it shut if needed. Instant instrument
  • Pom poms in a whisk– show them how to push the pom poms in and then let them figure out how to get them out.
  • Clothes pegs or corks – clip some ribbon on to some boxes and have different size bottles to put the corks in- great for posting
  • Empty squeeze ketchup bottle with water – reuse old squeeze bottles in the bath or outdoors. Great for hand strengthening and fun too! You could use it as part of a washing up station
  • Torches– fun to make a shadow theatre or shadow puppets, inside a fort, under a blanket
  • Vacuuming – help with the cleaning, learn about plugging in equipment and  switching them on and off.
  • Tape measure- Fun to measure things, compare lengths, look at all the numbers, identify different numbers
  • Stapler or hole punch – save scraps from art projects, drawings etc to staple and punch
  • Cardboard boxes – perfect for everything from decorating to rocketships to jumping on, help with the recycling
  • Shaving foam - multiple uses- splatting with a splatter, making a picture, using with food colouring to change the colour
  • Matching Tupperware with lids – see how quickly you can match them up
  • Magnifying glass – use around the house or on nature walks
  • Sensory bin with pasta, beans, oats or cereal – bury little toys to find or use scoops and spoons
  • Washing the dishes – more bubbly fun
  • Ping pong balls – throw them around, try to catch them in a cup
  • Plastic cups – stack them to make a tower or line them up for bowling
  • Laundry baskets – great for imaginative play or to transport items
  • Deck of cards – for simple games, workouts, dropping through a slot into a box or just throwing everywhere, counting and picking up
  • Pool noodles – make great imaginary play items
  • Potato masher- fantastic for printing with paint, splatting shaving foam
  • Paint printing with sponges (if you have a big car wash sponge, you can put a blob of paint for each colour of the rainbow onto the sponge in a line - then place the sponge on paper and move the sponge in a big arch to make a rainbow picture)
  • Pegs Make DIY paint brushes with pegs. Place a peg onto cotton wool/pom-poms/a sponge/fabric/tin foil etc., then dip in paint and do some wonderful mark making!
  • Plastic Bottle- Make a bubble snake with a plastic bottle, a sock, an elastic band, water and fairy liquid. This is a favourite!