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Imaginary Worlds

This week’s theme is Imaginary Worlds.

Have a go at creating your own world! It can be something from real life like a garage, a building site, a garden, a zoo or something imaginary like a fairy world or a superhero town. Create some imaginary characters and settings.


Try out some small world play- see photos for inspiration, children love engaging in the materials, playing with or as characters and creating their own role play scenarios.


Revisit our settings section and have a go at collaging an imaginary setting or scene.


Can you design a character? A knight, a fairy, a space traveller, a clown, a talking animal- there are lots of ideas you could try.


Use the Twinkl printable resources to create small world play for the following: 

The Cautious Caterpillar


Cars and roadways





Explore books with imaginary worlds.


There are lots of great imaginative clips HERE which you can engage in. Bubbles and Something Fishy are popular with children at school.


Let’s go live HERE These programmes have some great creative ideas, from making an Ocean World to a Pirate Island.


Can you build an imaginary place? A magic castle from a cardboard box, a talking tower from Lego, a fairy field using a blanket, a mystical river using a scarf. You could use different fabrics and materials to add to your imaginary world.


Cut up different animals/clip art monsters etc and create a made up animal, write about the animal or label.


Can you create a world where the creature might live or write a fact file?