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This week’s theme is Instructions.

Have a go at ordering numerically. Play a game identifying the instructions as you play, try a new game and go through the instructions first. Do some visual sequencing. Using 2 sets of equipment It could be anything, paperclips, pasta, lego, pencils, counters or a mixture. Put a set in a certain order for your child to copy. Then change roles so they put their equipment in a certain order and you copy.


Use visual modelling- laying the table, drawing a simple picture, making marks/ drawing in sensory materials 

Sequence instructions using familiar activities, there is a crossing the road resource you could have a go at ordering.


There are lots of lovely symbol recipes in our folder. You could also have a go at following instructions to decorate a pizza or make a sandwich or a drink.


Why not try following some dance move instructions like The Superman or The Cha Cha slide. Check out Flamingo chicks. My class love to follow along with Move and Freeze.


Have a go and then try ordering the instructions along with the video? What do you have to do first? What comes next? Use instructional language to create your own instructions

There are lots of things we do every day, using step by step instructions like cleaning our teeth, getting dressed, making a snack or a drink- Can you write instructions for these activities or put them in order?

Superman Dance

Still image for this video