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This week’s theme is Kindness.

There are many ways in which we can explore and develop our kindness. There are lots of very simple acts you can complete to show kindness. Have a look through our ideas. How many can you complete?

You could make a card/picture and give it to someone in your household or send it to a friend. Or Make a thank you card/postcard for a friend.


Think about things that show kindness towards others and make a kindness tree (handprint cut outs with children's ideas)


Have a look at the kindness checklist and give it a go.


Do something fun with a member of your household, like listen to a funny song or do a funny dance.

Share a story/ clip with a member of your family.


Create a box of ideas to do to help other people each day take out a card and do that act of kindness (eg. help lay the table, make a present/card for a friend, read/look at a book with someone, feed the birds, feed a pet) Have a look at the Twinkl cards for some inspiration.


Use some wool or thread or beads to make a friendship bracelet. You could also use pasta or cut up straws.


Make a snack/breakfast/lunch for your brother/sister/Mum/Dad


Make a kindness jar - every time someone in your family does something kind put a pom-pom in the jar. When the jar is full, do something really fun all together!


Stories about Kindness:

Kindness is Cooler with Mrs Ruler


The Smartest Giant in Town

Be Kind

A little clip Called Colour Your Kindness