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Labelling, Verbs, Nouns & Adjectives

The Theme this week is labelling, nouns, verbs and adjectives

A lovely activity for naming objects is what’s in the bag/ what’s under the blanket. Using the ideas from last week to consolidate nouns and adjectives. You could use a pillow case, or a shopping bag. Put a variety of items in the bag/ under the blanket. Then take turns to pull them out- ‘The spoon is in the bag’ ‘The lego is in the bag’ ‘The blocks are under the blanket’ this will help you practise experiencing, forming, saying or copying simple sentences with nouns.


To develop this for adjectives you could put a number of objects in the bag to describe. Use concepts like colour and size. If you put different bricks in for example you can label the object and the colour ‘ the yellow brick’. You could try some toys, ‘the fluffy teddy’ or ‘the small car’

Use the widgit resource to explore the verb pictures, selecting, finding and matching to the symbols.

Use movement verb cards (e.g. run, jump, hop) and add an adverb (quickly, slowly, quietly, loudly, happily, grumpily)

Take photos of things on your walk and choose words to describe what you have seen

Print a feelings board from Twinkl (how do you feel today? How do you think characters on TV/ in books feel?), explore items through the senses and describe sensations (e.g. how do the feathers feel? What does the flower smell like? What does the food taste like? etc.) 

Match the verb to the word and picture using our widget resources.

Use the playground scene to explore and label the different actions

Go on a noun hunt at home, having to find and label different objects. You can use our resource or make up your own.

Go on a noun hunt and then choose words to describe the objects you find.

Find objects to compare- this is big, this is small. This is long, this is short. This is patterned, this is plain.

Complete a colour hunt. Find objects and then use the colours to describe them in a sentence. ‘The flower is pink’ ‘The jumper is blue’

Explore the colourful semantics resource and use coloured symbols to create sentences with nouns and verbs.

Verb rap

Singing Walrus Action Song

Adjectives song