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Mark Making

This week’s themes are Mark making, letter formation, labelling and description.

Use pegs and bits around the house like a bit of sponge, pompoms, tin foil etc.

Wrap up items in tin foil/ tissue paper to unwrap

Play pass the parcel, tearing is good for fine motor skills- you could wrap up toys/ books

Cut out pictures

Cut out shapes

Thread pasta, beads, buttons, cereal. Have a go at threading cereal to make a bird feeder

Use tweezers to transfer small items from one container to another

Pegs – maybe help to put the washing out or peg pictures onto string to create a display

Mark Making- make marks in flour, sand, paint with fingers, cars, pencils, paint brushes,

Have a go at shaking flour onto a sheet/ outside and then make marks in it- can you make shapes? Can you make letter shapes?

Make a track for your car to follow, can you make a loop? Can you make a shape?

Use the treasure hunt/ scavenger hunt to find objects to label and describe?

Can you describe what you have for lunch/ snack using symbols/ adjectives?

What items can you find at home which are colourful, different shapes, thick, narrow, long, short. There are lots of everyday adjectives you can use to describe.

Can you think of words to describe characters in your books?



Cereal Bird Feeder

This is a great activity for fine motor skills.

Take a long length of string and tie a knot at the end that's big enough so the cereal can't drop through.

  1. Put circle shaped cereal, such as Cheerios, onto the string.
  2. Once the string is full, tie the ends together and secure it to a tree or porch.

It also works well with a pipe cleaner too