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This week’s theme is Measurement

Use different objects to compare length- pencils, sticks, spaghetti, paintbrushes, lego towers, bricks, toys Can you find the longest and the shortest? Can you order them? Perhaps you could measure them with a ruler or find the difference. Use different things to measure- paperclips, pegs, hands make chains of paperclips or pegs, compare or measure the lengths


 Size/length -draw around shadows and measuring with different items. Have competitions to build the biggest tower/make the longest line of dominoes before knocking them all down! Measure length with painted footprints. Move cars down a ramp/tube and measure how far the car whizzes along the floor.

Weight - make scales using coat hangers, string and plastic cups. Drop heavy and light items into a water tub to see the big and small splashes. Do some baking/cooking and weigh the ingredients. 


Capacity - sensory play (filling and emptying containers, measuring jugs, funnels, colanders etc. with different sensory items), using fine motor skills to fill containers, e.g. posting items, placing items in containers with spoons/tongs etc. filling up popcorn bowls 


Make playdough and weigh out the ingredients.

Use playdough to make worms to measure and compare. Can you make a shorter one, or a longer one? Can you make 3 and put them in order?


Complete a measurement hunt. Take an item, can you find one that is longer, shorter, heavier or lighter?

Create an exploration box or basket with different objects in which are different lengths and weights. Explore them. A challenge could be to weigh them all or measure their length.