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This week’s theme is Money.

Learning about money exchange is an important life skill. You can have a lot of fun setting up a shop or creating a money exchange for a snack. Perhaps you could make a list and visit a local shop to buy something? Or have a look at online shops to find the prices of things, maybe adding them together or working out what you could buy with a certain amount.


Can you sort different coins into a cake tin – Or write an amount in a cupcake case - children to find coin to match amount and place in cupcake case 


Can you sort coins by colour/shape? Place one of each coin in bowls/tubs/cups - give children a box with a mixture of coins to sort/match to the correct bowl 


Can you match the coin to the amount?


Hide coins in sensory materials such as flour, pasta, sand or jelly! Can you find the coins? Can you match them? Can you identify which coins they are?


You could try posting coins in piggy bank and make a piggy bank as an additional activity.


You could try posting coins to match an amount or posting a set of coins (ie. a set of 1ps or 2ps or 5ps or 10ps and counting in those multiples to find how much altogether)


Set up a shop - put price/coin labels on toys/snack items - children to find matching coins to the label/add coins together to purchase the items 


Use the Twinkl resources to play Fastest finger first coin recognition game and match coins to their value.

Set up a shop. Pull a price out of a bag. Can you identify the price? Can you match it to the item? Can you make it with coins?


Create a Treasure chest money hunt - make a treasure chest with an old cardboard box. Hide coins and get children to find them to fill their treasure chest - can they recognise the coin?


Create a list of things to find in an online shop. Can you tick them of the list? Can you identify the price?

Use our Widget resources to sort Money into colours.


There are some great Money games, you have to find the correct coin for the item, here

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