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Most & Least

This week’s theme is most and least.

Most and least can be explored through numerous fun ways! Explore different amounts using objects/ materials/counters/toys/pasta/pencils/lego bricks, anything really! Give amounts to group ( you could write these on post it notes) and identify whether these are the most/ least. You can change the activity by giving more groups or larger numbers.


Try some most and least- games to see who can get the 'most' e.g. catch the most balls, get the most in the tub, find the most teddies around the house etc Perhaps pick things you have to find


Have jelly, shaving foam, food or toys on paper plates and children to identify which plate has most and least.


Look at quantities when exploring food, bowls or cereal, raisins or peas- which bowl has the most?


Use Pegs on cardboard . Which has the most Which has the least?


Thread using cheerios or pasta on string and discuss the amounts, which thread has the most?


Compare towers made of lego with most and least bricks


Chalk circles to group outside and use natural objects


Look at dots on pictures of lady birds- Which has the most Which has the least?


Make caterpillars by drawing circles or using stickers. Which has the most circles? Which has the least?


Explore most and least using a colour game. You will need 2 groups of coloured objects and a drawn grid


Roll a colour dice/ pick a coloured card and place the object of that colour onto the grid. Continue until the grid is full. Which colour takes up the most squares?



More or less game

Looking at the signs < > to identify greater than and less than 

Counting Fish


Use the Goldilocks most and least resource to explore which character has the most/least

Use the picture group worksheets to identify the group with the most