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This week’s theme is Music.

There are so many lovely activities you can do with music. Explore music you enjoy, dance, sing, experiment with our online links. You could have a go at making your own instruments. Most importantly have fun!


Bottle shaker- Fill an empty bottle with rice or dried beans. Decorate and shake to create your own maraca.

Use tins and saucepans to create a set of drums. You can stretch balloons over tin cans/ coffee tins too.

Create a water xylophone with jars and different levels of water. See how the sound changes as you tap each one. Play along to music with makeshift instruments in the home such as pans, Tupperware, pencils on a table. 

Make some home-made instruments using item like tin cans, straws and paper plates.

This is a fantastic website with different musical activities children can explore 

The BBC 10 pieces programme explores classical music which children may enjoy

Listen to different pieces of music such as theme tunes and draw pictures as a clue to what the music might be about. 

Make a sound song with colours and shapes see photo

Spring is finally here! Song

Over in the meadow

You can watch and talk about the animals or using some instruments at home or just cups, pots etc children can play along to the music making different sounds for different animals.

Watch Melody on CBeebies and learn all about different types of music with her

Lots of activities here online

Have some musical fun with google doodle

A drumming lesson

Iggy & Louis

Still image for this video
Dr Ignacio Agrimbau is an Intensive Interaction Music specialist who has been working with many of the children in Springwell to develop engagement, interaction' communication and understanding using music as part of a music project he is running in association with the Royal School of Music and Southampton Community Music. In his spare time he is a composer and musician and he plays in a group called Dock Season with his friend Louis Duarte. Iggy and Louis have created this piece for the children to play along to and they will be creating more videos for the children to share in and learn so watch this space!