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Number Fun

This week’s theme is Number fun.

We have lots of practical ideas for having fun with Numbers. They are fun to spot when you are out an about. It is surprising how many numbers you can find!


Take part in a Number Hunt. Hide the numbers on post its/ paper around the house/ garden. When you find them, order them, and then make sets of each amount using everyday objects.

Go out on a number hunt. Have a list of numbers It could be 1-10 or bigger numbers, 2 digit or 3 digit and tick of or mark the numbers as you see they. They could be on houses, bus stops, buses, car registration plates. It’s fun to stop and identify different ones. You could count how many different numbers are on your road or near where you live.


Have a go at creating some simple games like cardboard roll bowling see photos this is very simple to adapt

  • Count the number of rolls you knock down
  • Write numbers on the rolls- identify the numbers you knock down
  • Have some numbers written down on post it notes. Can you find the post it note that matches the roll you have knocked down
  • Add or subtract the numbers on the rolls you knock down
  • Double the numbers you knock down
  • Are they odd or are they even?
  • Make a tally of the numbers knocked down and then add the tally
  • Make a cardboard roll tower see photos How many can you stack? Knock it down. How many fall over?


Make a pot number match see photo -draw around plastic pots on a sheet of card or paper. Within these shapes draw a number of dots. On the bottom of the pots write the numbers which correspond with the numbers of dots. Then you can match the pot to the dots.


Playdough straws- Push some straws/ skewers/  into a slab of playdough and then put pasta onto the straws counting the amounts or add pasta to a given amount.


Match the pegs to the numbers- 

Draw around your hands and create finger number bonds 

Make number sets with cereal or cotton wool balls- 

Race to fill the cup - roll a dice and put that number of items in the cup, taking in turns. Who can fill the cup first?

Peg numbers on the washing line - have number cards - can the children find certain numbers to peg on the line? Can they peg them in order? Can they peg even and odd numbers?


Number playdough - can the children make numbers with playdough? Can they make a certain number of playdough blobs and stick them onto number cards?

Peg the correct number of pegs onto number cards


Use cotton buds to trace numbers and practice number formation


Roll a dice and collect this number of Lego pieces to build a tower. Take turns and see who can build the biggest tower! 


Write numbers in cup-cake cases. Can the children fill them with the correct number of items, e.g. pom-poms, cheerios? 


Number hunt around the house/in the garden. Place number cards around the house/garden. Give children post-it notes with numbers on. Can they match the numbers on their post-it notes to the numbered cards?

Practical games in the garden - see how many balls/bean bags etc. they can throw into a tub - have a competition - who has the most?


Number- writing numbers on duplo or lego and ordering - or doing number sequences 


Fishing game- make some fish with number sums on the back to answer or just numbers to order- either fish using a magnet and split pins or i guess in a box with a net..or in a bag! nice picture of home made ones on HERE 

Lego game

Free App- Pop the numbered balloons. 'Balloon pop'

Number stickers- Write a number on a piece of paper. Ask what the number is. Child then to cover the outline of the number in stickers.


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