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This week’s theme is number. There are lots of activities you can do involving number at home.

Go on an outside maths hunt (attached resource) Have a look for 3 stones, 5 sticks, 2 birds etc

How many rainbows can you spot in windows? Can you count the colours?

Use everyday objects to count, you could pair the objects and try some repeated addition counting in 2s.

Have a look at the house numbers on your street? Can you identify what numbers they are?

Can you see which are odd and which are even?

Help to put the washing out. Can you count the items?

Can you count the socks?  

Count out items at snack time. Have a go at sharing between plates.

Hide numbers throughout a room or in your garden, Can you find and match the numbers? Can you identify them? Can you add them?

Have a look at our ‘In the cupboard’ ideas to use things you might have at home.

Roll a tower. Use a dice and some bricks. Child rolls the dice, counts dots/says number and makes a tower using blocks, Lego, Duplo, whatever they have. You can find dice online to use. Extension could be add one etc.


1. Number Hunt in Jelly

Spread out some plastic numbers in jelly layers. When it’s all set, give out some tongs to children and show them how to pick up the numbers from the wiggly substance (and practice their fine motor skills along the way!). This sensory play is a great way of sneaking in number recognition to something fun and engaging for the children. You could use spaghetti, yoghurt, playdough too

What you need –

  • Jelly
  • Bowls
  • Plastic Numbers
  • Tongs


 Missing Numbers

Write number sequences on craft sticks and remember to leave some blanks in between. Next, you write the missing numbers on the clothes pegs and give them out to your child. Now you’re ready to let the children use their fine motor skills and clip the pegs on sticks. The best thing about this maths activity is that you only create the props once and they’re ready to be used as many times as you like.


What you need –

  • lolly Sticks (colour or plain)
  • Sharpies
  • Clothes pegs


Number Splat

Prepare some sticky notes with various numbers and place them in front of the children armed with fly swatters. The goal of this simple yet fun game is for the little ones to identify the number on the dice and match it with the ones written on sticky notes before smacking the correct answer with a fly swatter!

What you need –

  • Dice
  • Fly Swatter ( a spatula will also work nicely)
  • Sticky Notes



Tape some paper to the wall and write several numbers, each decorated with as many dots as the number. Now, children can touch each dot with a do-a-dot marker and see the number and the quantity all together! You can also put the paper on the floor but holding a marker up and out makes this not only an activity for early years maths but also a good way to strengthen those arm muscles.

What you need –

  • Paper
  • Sharpie Marker
  • Coloured markers


Egg Cracking

 Create ‘eggs’ by cutting out oval shapes from cardboard and write different numbers on them. Let the children identify the numbers and crack the eggs by punching the corresponding number of holes in them. This exercise can also help develop hand muscles.

What you need –

  • Cardboard
  • Hole Punch
  • Sharpie Markers
  • Scissors