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Odd and Even

This week’s theme is Odd and Even.

We have lots of fun practical activities to explore, sort and learn about odd and even numbers.

Use a variety of socks -odd socks and even socks (how many socks do you have? Do they all have a
pair?) If there is one it is odd. If there are 2 it is even.

Draw/ cut out the numicon number shapes in resources. Which numbers have an extra circle on the
top? Can you sort the shapes into two groups?

Write numbers on a trampoline/ pavement using chalk. When you call an odd number the child has
to jump on that. Repeat for even!

Number blocks odd and even


Use an egg box, number the sections 1-6 or 1-12 and colour them in 2 different colours, one for od
and one for even- pick a number and fill the number into the egg box. How many have you got? Is
the number colour odd or even?


Using the photos for inspiration you could make odd and even number people - Odd Todd and Even


Make 2 post boxes, one for odd numbers and one for even numbers. Make some post with numbers
to sort.

Go on a number hunt and record odd and even numbers into different columns. 

Choose a number from the bag. Can the children count this many items, e.g. cars? Can they put
them into pairs/find the cars a friend. Does every car have a pair/friend? Yes - put this number card
into our even pile. No - put this number card into our odd pile. 

Roll a dice and put this number of counters into holes in an ice-cube tray. Does every counter have a

Sort even and odd numbers using stickers (do the stickers have a pair?)

Make an odd and even number paper chain. Use one colour for odd numbers and another colour for
even numbers. Can the children notice the pattern?

Number Ninja

A nice odd and even game

Catch a Star odd and Even game


Odd and Even with BBC bitesize

Odd and Even with BBC bitesize 2

Scratch Garden Odd and Even Song 

A fun way to help children see the pattern of odd and even numbers is for them to shout the odd
numbers and whisper the even numbers. Or colour the numbers in 2 different colours

Use our printables to explore Odd and Even further!