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Outdoor Maths

This week’s theme is Practical Outdoor Maths/ Nature Maths.

There are so many wonderful practical maths activities you can do to understand apply and consolidate lots of different mathematical skills whilst having lots of fun too!


Have fun counting! Counting as you walk/ bounce on the trampoline, scoot, hope, skip, jump ( you could create lines/grids with chalk)


Create number targets for beanbags, balls, frisbees to throw into. Identifying numbers/ adding as you go. You could also have a target number and subtract from it each time to develop subtraction skills.


This is great messy play. Shaving foam Target practise using cereal or round crisps- see photo How many crisps can hit the shaving foam.


Outdoor counting and tally- You can draw a chalk grid, collecting things outside and then create a tally/ mark how many of each item you have found


Nature Numbers hunt- Complete the nature hunt, counting how many of each thing you see.


Number Knock! Stack up some plastic cups or pots and spray down with a water gun. How many pots did you knock over?




Bowling! If you have bottles, cups or carboard rolls you can have a game of bowling! Counting, adding, subtracting the number of pins you knock down.


Can you make some 2d shapes using sticks see photo try a square, a rectangle a triangle or a hexagon? How many sticks would you need for each shape? Talk about the number of sides and number of corners.  You could also try making numbers using sticks or twigs too.


Try some outdoor measuring. You could measure plants, flowers, twigs. Have a go at collecting a few and ordering them by measurement. You could use different things to measure. Can you find a stick and then find other sticks/ objects that are the same length?


Go on a shape hunt. You could have a list or pictures to tick off. Can you find square windows, rectangular windows, even circular windows! What about bricks, stones? Can you identify their shape?


Can you create patterns using outdoor objects? Leaves, flowers, twigs, stones. You can repeat the pattern or make a symmetrical pattern using leaves or shells. You could spot repeating patterns in walls or paving stones



Some fun waterplay! Blow up some waterbombs and number them from 1-20. Chalk Numbers on the ground and match the water bomb with the number. Throwing it with a big splat!


Try some of our ‘Sticky Maths’ ideas using sticks. See our resource for inspiration.


Number pebbles - paint numbers onto pebbles/match numbers/add using pebbles


Nature shapes, create shape outlines with sticks/leaves/pebbles you could chalk an outline to follow first.


Hopscotch/chalk numbers/chalk shapes 


Making sets of natural items in plant pots - e.g. write numbers on plant pots and collect this number of sticks

Number hunt in the garden - hide number cards around the garden for the children to find, recognise and match