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This week’s theme is Outside.

There are lots of things to enjoy about the outdoors- exercise, colours, visuals and smells. Things to see and do. Maybe you could visit your favourite outdoor place. Or think about all the different types of outdoor places. Perhaps you could do some park or garden-based activities. Here we have lots of outdoor themed activities for you to try. You could also bring the outdoors indoors with some of our fun window craft.


Complete a colour hunt or an indoor outdoor hunt using our print outs.


Explore the perfect printouts to take with you on a trip outdoors.


Bring the outdoors in with these fantastic mobile ideas and window decorations


Or make a windchime by threading beads/buttons onto string and tying to a stick/can/cup , using shells, tin lids, pine cones. There are loads of ideas HERE


Create a picture or piece of art using outdoor objects such as leaves, sticks and flowers


Make a pompom and hang it on a tree to make a lovely decoration


Make a bird feeder and observe if any birds come to your garden or windowsill  


Pebble painting (visit the beach and collect your own)


Create a fairy or miniature garden in a plant pot or tray using materials you find on a walk.


Try some outside art - drawing or painting a tree/flower landscape from observations


Have fun with shadows or creating shadow art – see our previous week on puppets for some shadow ideas.


Plant flowers in welly boots, toy trucks, Lego sculptures, old play dough pots


Decorate plant pots/plastic bottles/watering cans, wheelbarrows and grow flowers inside 


Plant vegetables, e.g. carrots, tomatoes, green beans etc. - draw vegetables onto wooden spoons and stick these into the soil next to the plants so that you know what is growing there (or paint wooden spoons to colour code - e.g. red for tomatoes, orange for carrots etc.)


Explore/make windmills using the pinwheel template .


Create chalk pictures or a chalk circuit to follow



Have a go at volleyball with balloons or see how long you can keep a balloon in the air


Explore colours and positioning with lawn twister


Create your own outdoor ( or indoor) assault course using household furniture and items 


Ice Block Building - Fill up various containers with a mixture of water and food colouring. Once frozen, take them outside. Pop out the moulds and build towers, trains and buildings.


Ice Painting - Paint with colourful ice. Simply freeze ice cube trays with washable paint. It’s a fun way to cool off, create art and get messy.


Have fun!