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Pairing & Multiplication

This week’s theme is Pairing, Grouping and Multiplication

Matching pairs of socks – Use real socks or the cut and stick activity

Peg socks to a line/ string in pairs.

Pairing matching objects- explore pairs- matching shoes, socks, cards, toys, coloured paper shapes, letters, numbers

Grouping different objects into 2s, 3s, 4s you could use cutlery, pencils, pasta, pom poms, bricks, lego, grass, flowers, toys

Have a look at some of these fabulous multiplication ideas. You just need some paper and some house hold objects. Create a skip counting caterpillar or a multiplication number trail.

Trace a big number and then make groups of that number, or that number as it multiplies.

At mealtimes or snacktime group your fruit, cereal, sandwiches etc

Draw ladybird pictures and double the amount of one side to the other

Grouping numbers of blocks/ marbles/ pasta/ biscuits/ Lego pieces to match number on sheet. 

Number matching- see resources

If you go out on a walk you could look for things in 2s- cars, dogs, plants, houses, bikes, scooters

Use playdough to create groups or arrays

Make a Magic Multiplication or Multiplication Air hockey game using cardboard rolls- see resources.

This website uses lego to explain and teach multiplication 

Match the ladybirds spots

Explore array formations for multiplication