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Parent Survey

Parent Survey

Please follow the link to complete our 2019/2020 Parent Survey!

Parent Engagement


In 15/16 Springwell engaged with 100% of the parents and carers through meetings such as annual reviews, Parents' evening, LAC reviews, through support from our family, welfare and behaviour support teams and also through informal activities such as our Family Learning afternoons, sports day, our art show and coffee mornings.


Attendance at termly parents evening averaged at 67% of parents and carers. Attendance at annual reviews was 85%.

Parent Survey 

In Autumn 2016 parents were invited to complete the Annual Parents' Survey. Responses from the Survey have been included in the new School Strategic Plan.


"Amazing progress in learning and behaviour at home since starting at Springwell"

"My son has developed in ways I could have never imagined, the list is endless."

"Everything is set up for my child's needs"

"My son is getting the support and learning from a school who have expert knowledge of his complex needs"

"Our son has amazed us with his speech"

"Her confidence grows each day with speech and social skills"

"The change in all of these areas is outstanding"

"we have parent's evening, family learning afternoons together and termly topicsheets to inform us of the current areas of learning. The home/school book communicates any wellbeing issues/concerns"

"The regular updates from school staff about my son while he is at school is so reassuring and helpful in terms of how we can help him at home. Family learning afternoons also helps as parents to engage in my child's learning."

"My daughter always comes home happy"

"School has clear safety rules and responds to any of my concerns. Very caring environment and children seem happy and staff match that."

"My son is always happy to get ready to go to school. I think this is the main indication from a non-verbal child"

"My child is non-verbal, but I can tell he feels safe and he is happy there and always keen to get on the school bus."

"They expect behaviour to be the best it can be for the ability of the child"

"They are aware of the difficulties of special needs children and are realistic with the expectations"

"My son is always showing great amounts of progress in his numbers, speech, routine and behaviour, what the staff are doing is fantastic"

"Taught in ways that enable him to learn"

"Springwell team is always approachable and friendly towards me, so I can raise any concerns and they react to us as early as possible"

"Whenever I have contacted the school (it's a lot) I always feel listened to, any concerns are always managed."

"Springwell always keeps me informed in what my child is doing at school"

"Home school communication book is great and I feel I can always approach staff"

"By providing me with the topics my son is learning at school so I can do the same at home. Can offer advice etc"

"Lots of tips on topic information sheet which is easy to put on my fridge"

"Brilliant staff, helpful, happy, proud, care for both children and parents. You get to see senior staff regularly at school gates and events."

"The leadership team are so very approachable. It's nice that they remember my son's name (and mine too!)"

"I am not too sure as I don't have any experience/dealing with the Governors but there seems to be a good cross sections of staff, parents & community representatives."

"I believe Governors do an effective job because School is functioning well. Friendly staff which shows good management"