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This week’s theme is patterns.

There are so many different types of patterns you can investigate and try out. You can copy patterns, over write patterns using colours or objects. Create your own pattern using different materials. We have lots of fun and practical ideas using paper, craft, food and your body!


Make patterns with skittles and warm water- the colours from the skittles run into the water making colourful patterns


Shaving foam and food colouring patterns - make blobs of shaving foam, put food colouring on each blob to make a pattern and splat!


Shaving foam colour marbling - fill a tray with shaving foam, pour some food colouring on top (different colours), swirl the colours around to make patterns, place paper on top of the shaving foam, peel off and wipe away excess shaving foam using a ruler - a lovely swirly pattern should be revealed 


Make patterns with bingo dabbers/cotton buds and paint/stickers. These can be repeating in colours or shape.


Colour rice using food colouring (a selection of colours) - pour rice into a bottle to make patterns


Thread coloured beads to make patterns - make a friendship bracelet 


Make a tie dye t-shirt 


Sorting toys into repeating pattern of colour or big and small.


Print with potatoes or inflate balloons and paint to make a repeating pattern or symmetrical    pattern.


Draw symmetrical patterns.


Making a symmetrical butterfly painting 


Finding flowers outdoors and creating a repeating pattern.


Thread leaves onto thread or string in a pattern


Create a pattern by printing with leaves and paint.


Draw some waves, circles, lines and lay buttons on them to create a button pattern


Draw squiggles with a pen on white paper and then colour the sections in different colours to create a squiggle patterns


Use strips of paper to weave in and out to create a weaving pattern 


Have a look at our fantastic weaving ideas and have a go at weaving your own tartan


Use chalks outside to draw or copy patterns


Make a puddle outside to splash in a create footprint patterns or handprint patterns


Try your own pattern of movements using jumps, hops, leaps


Have a look at our fantastic weaving ideas you can have a go at weaving your own tartan pattern online 

Pattern Games