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This week’s theme is Pirates.

There are lots of creative ideas around Pirates! You can make elements of a pirate costume and try walking the plank! There are some fantastic songs, games and dancing you can try.


How long is the Pirate rope- Cut different lengths of string to sort/ order/ measure with paperclips or bricks, measure with a ruler.


Have a go at making your own treasure! You can thread objects to make jewellery, paint boxes to make a treasure chest.


Treasure hunt- Create clues


Use the Twinkl puppet print outs to role play stories, move along with pirate songs.


Sort and identify coins by colour, shape


All pirates need a hat. Use the printable instructions to create a hat from newspaper or paper.


Design your own pirate flag using colouring or collage.


Explore floating with these great cork Pirate ship


Make a telescope. Use cardboard roles to make a telescope. What can you see?


Walk the plank- create a line on the floor using making tape/ paper tape. Can you walk along the plank? Can you balance a bean bag on your head


See our Pirate ship resources for some great visual ideas


Try a pirate song! Or a sea shantie.


Have a go at the pirate roll and colour game.


Pirate Yoga

Portside Pirates Song

Pirate just dance

Pirates love underpants story