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Plants and Flowers

This week’s theme is Plants and Flowers.

There are lots of wonderful creative activities you can do with plants and flowers. You can use them to paint, collage, draw. Or you could have a go at growing some of your own or spotting wild flowers whilst you are outside. You could even try making your own plant potion or perfume.


Create flower/petal perfume (mixing and exploring with water and food colouring) or make a sensory trays using plant seeds.


Flower printing with paints is great fun and can make a wonderful pattern


Do some gardening! Look after the garden by watering the plants. 


Plant some cress/tomatoes/vegetables – You can use old tights or an egg shell to make a cress head



Grow flowers in welly boots 


Decorate plant pots with interesting patterns


Flower crafts - make flower pictures using cupcake cases, tissue paper, handprints, cotton bud daisies etc. 


You can use forks to print flowers using paint


Paint a rock to create a pebble plant or cactus 


Freeze grass and flowers in water to make sensory ice blocks



Make pictures using plant leaves, flowers and other natural materials


Use daisies/ grass to count and sort


Use our Widget resources to sort and match plants.


BBC Learning

Click on the flowers and plant with Curious George

Flower Games

Pinwheel flowers are very eye catching and you can see how they spin in the wind!

Learn about plants and seeds

Stories about gardening and growing:

Eddie’s Garden

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