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Playing Games & Following Instructions

This week’s theme is Playing a game and following instructions.

an you try something new? Can you play a game with someone at home? Can you follow the instructions? Can you create your own instructions for a new game?


Use 2 toys and a variety of objects. Take turns to follow instructions to give the toys different
objects. For example give the cup to the teddy. Give the block to the Superhero. You could expand
on this by using prepositions. Put the Superhero in the box, or put the cup behind the teddy.

Hide the object. You can take turns to hide an object around a room or in the garden and take turns
to find it. You could use a timer to set a time limit.

Have a go at Kim’s game. Lay a variety of objects on a tray/ table/ on the floor. Go through each of
the objects. You could have any number you choose. Cover the objects and take one away. Can you
identify/ guess which one is missing?

Play follow the leader where you take turns to complete different exercises such as jumping or
hopping and then change roles.

Play What’s the time Mr Wolf

Take part in a treasure hunt or scavenger hunt.

Play mirroring where one of you leads, facing each other and you copy movements.

Walk and Stop. You can use music to create an upbeat and exciting environment for learning how
to follow directions.

Play bubble pop- Simply blow lots of bubbles and then pop them!

Bring the noise play it is a fantastic resource where you can follow instructions with beats and
music You can either

Listen and layer - Feel the beat - Or Make some Noise

Explore Super Movers a collaboration between the BBC and the Premier League.

Use the Twinkl resources to colour the numbers and complete dot to dot number instructions

Play a board game or do a jigsaw puzzle together