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This week’s theme is Prepositions.

You can have lots of fun whilst learning about prepositions.
Hiding objects, using prepositions yourself to go under and over things, hiding behind and
standing inbetween.

Play where is… You can use toys, a block, an object with a box, table, blanket to play a prepositions
game. For example the teddy is in the box, the teddy is under the box, the teddy is behind the box.


Example with a playmobil figure and a box. It’s great if you have two sets. You can take
turns to copy.

Complete a scavenger hunt with simple clues i.e. 'Look under the table' draw simple pictures to
support reading the clues.

BBC Bitesize explains prepositions with some games

Scratch garden prepositions

Where is monkey?

Watch where’s the monkey and then have a go with one of your own toys.

Lego is great for prepositions. You can use simple prepositional language building a tower, for
example. Put the red block on the blue block. Or put the blue block under the red block.

Using physical objects and following prepositional instructions can be a game. You can take turns at
giving instructions or copying each other.

You can use pens, paints, crayons to draw lines or shapes using prepositional instructions. You could
use letters/ numbers too.

Draw a red line, draw a yellow line underneath, draw a green line on top of the red lie.

Twinkl preposition board game- Print the game and use a dice and counters to take turns to identify
the preposition shown.

Lovely prepositions game

Complete the preposition sentence to shoot some hoops

Read favourite stories - where is the character?


Role play and place items in different positions - e.g. have a picnic - where are the plates? (in the
basket, on the blanket, behind you)

Play hide and seek - are you behind the door? Under the table? Next to the sofa?