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This week’s theme is Printing.

You can use anything to print and make interesting patterns. A potato masher is a favourite! Perhaps you have stampers at home- or you could try making some from potatoes or sponge! We have lots of great printing ideas.


6 ways art and craft helps with learning


Try printing with natural items: flowers, leaves, stones you could print an outdoor pattern.


Printing with foods: potatoes, lemons/limes, apples, spaghetti all make interesting patterns. You can create different shapes using these items, try making letters with potatoes. Maybe you could print your initial.


Printing with household items/utensils: brushes, rollers, potato mashers, sponges, cotton wool attached to pegs, bottle lids. This is great fun. Try making a face! Use the bottle tops to print the eyes, cotton wool to print the nose, a peg to print the mouth and a brush to print the hair!


Playdough or air-dry clay can also make a great printing pattern. You can use it as it comes or try pressing a pattern in using a plastic knife or skewer.


Painting the bottom of a cake or muffin tin, then pressing it onto paper or papper onto it makes a really effective print.


If you wrap elastic bands around a piece of cardboard, this is also great for developing finger strength and fine motor skills you can use this as a printing tool, making a fantastic line print. 


Lego and block make great printing tolls, they are easy to clean too! You could try printing a house or castle using the block effect.


Printing with bubble wrap (wrap bubble wrap around a rolling pin) This is great fun! An effective print can also be achieved by painting bubble wrap, laying paper onto it and then slowly peeling it off. You can make a fantastic rainbow in this way.



You can also use you fingers, hands and feet to create lots of great printed pictures from flamingos to trees, lights to lobsters! If you've found out what class your child will be in next year, you could have a go at making their animal name!








Cardboard rolls make fabulous printing tools. Bend your cardboard roll into a shape See photo or you can just use it as a circle, dip into paint and make a lovely shape pattern. If you overlap the shapes it looks great!




Shaving foam colour marbling prints - fill a tray with shaving foam, pour some food colouring/paint on top (different colours), swirl the colours around to make patterns, place paper on top of the shaving foam to print, peel off and wipe away excess shaving foam using a ruler - a lovely print should be revealed.