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Reading and Rhyme

This week’s theme is Reading and Rhyme

Have some fun writing letters and words in sensory materials like sand or flour.

Practice mark making/ writing letters/ writing CVC words/ writing sentences about things you see.

Use small objects and toys to create a scene to match the words and read the sentences e.g The cat is in the box. The man with a hat.

Match CVC words to toys and objects

Create a comfy corner or a den for looking at books.

Have a tray of household items, such as: car, jar, star, sock, rock, lock, cap, map, can, pan, fan, bell, shell, rice, dice, etc. Group the rhyming items/ objects. 


App: ‘Meet Millie’ (book 1 free) - You can purchase further adventure books with interaction on every page. Interesting story, good modern graphics and Millie springs to life with her photos. 

If you are searching using the computer start a list of words that you like to look up.



Free online Library from The Oxford Owl

Some great books with singing and signing tool

Rhymes to enjoy


Read or watch a story together and then ask questions such as

  • Can you find the characters?
  • Can you find where it says…?
  • Can you point to a picture or word?
  • Where does the story take place?
  • What happened in the story?
  • What did you like about the story?

Share nursery rhymes together/watch nursery rhyme videos/songs online 


Rhyming scavenger hunt - find something that rhymes with.... (have a selection of items in a box for them to hunt through)


Build a tower of rhyming words - write words onto lego pieces. Children can find words that rhyme and then build a tower of rhyming words


Splat the rhyming word - write down different words - some that rhyme and some that don't. Say a word and when you find a word that rhymes, splat it! 



BBC reading games

Topmarks Reading

Learn about fiction and non fiction:

Puffin books

Top Marks


Twinkl ebooks

Storyline online

Read some rhyming books or poems together