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This week’s theme is Sculpture.

You can have a lot of fun creating your own models and sculptures using different materials, flour, sand, playdoh, bubbles even!

Create some salt dough, then model, bake and paint. Find the recipe HERE


Create some play dough. Fun to make and even more fun to play with. Find the recipe HERE


 You could try some junk modelling and then label or write about what you have made.


 Can you make an Elmer out of an old, emptied milk container? See photo It’s a great way to recycle an old milk carton.


Cardboard and tinfoil are great materials for modelling and sculpture. Can you create a tin foil person? Or a cardboard structure or tower?


Can you make a castle out of old boxes? Perhaps for your barbies/ dolls/ teddy bears/ borrowers/ ants? Or even yourself if you have a big box


There are some great ideas HERE for recycling lemonade bottles into models.


Use the Max McMurdo and Twinkl instructions to create

A milk carton elephant

A talking bird

A racing car

A milk carton fish


Have a look at the photos for inspiration, you could try making a paper sculpture or your own robot using things you find at home.


You could collect some leaves and make a leaf hanging

Or arrange some coloured lolly sticks or cardboard rolls to make an interesting picture/ model

You could create a telescope/binoculars

Maybe try some messy sculpture and make a papier mache Earth 

Build a bridge for cars/trains, perhaps for the ones you have made!

Make a photo frame with lolly sticks and decorate with sequins and glitter