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Send A Letter

This week’s theme is send a letter.

You can practice fine motor skills, symbol sentences, copy writing, overwriting, letter formation to create your own letter or postcard. Maybe you want to send a friend a hug in the post!


Use the printable Royal Mail resources to create a picture or hug to send


Write a letter using symbols, pictures/symbols, practice overwriting. practice copywriting etc. We have a printable symbol resource you could use.


Make a card/postcard for a friend/family member


Practice posting letters (cut a rectangular hole into a cereal box to make a letterbox)


Practice peeling stickers and pretend to put stamps on envelopes 


Re visit our Learning Hub section on fine motor skills or try these activities to practise.


Fine motor skill ideas: pegs on tubs, thread cheerios onto uncooked spaghetti or strawberry lace sweets, play dough, sticking buttons/bottle lids on a zigzag track on paper, posting straws into a tube, pegging socks on a line, threading spaghetti into a colander, using kitchen tongs to transfer small items between bowls, posting items into bottles etc.


Make playdough monsters- sticking in pipe cleaners or straws/ pasta for legs rice for hair etc


Mouse control game to practise fine motor skills


Playdough hand exercises for strengthening


Finger gymnastic

Finger fitness. Tricky, but fun to try!

Dough dance