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Sensory Stories

This week’s theme is sensory stories.

We all love a great story and have lots of favourites. Try sourcing some props/ objects to make one of your favourite stories into a sensory story. We have some stories in our resources to try or you could make your own. Sensory stories are great for developing imagination and having fun!


You can use resources at home to retell classic children's stories with props, e.g. the Gingerbread Man (animal toys, smell ginger, mix flour and ginger in a bowl), Goldilocks and the three bears (porridge oats, hard and soft resources for the three bears' beds), the Hungry Caterpillar (food sensory trays to explore texture, smell, taste), We're going on a bear hunt (cold water for the river, cornflour gloop for sticky mud, shredded green paper for the grass), the Three Little Pigs (sticks, straw, building blocks/clay for the houses) 

You could also try some story massage they offer live story massage along sessions on their Instagram page.

Sensory ideas



Some great sound effects

You can also create your own instruments with household objects.

You can use your voice/ music to create sound effects.

Tins/ pans make great weather noises or drums.

Use rice in a sealed tub or tin to create a rain maker.



Movements with your body or on your body

e.g footsteps fingers walking up your arm.

Hugs in a story can be shoulder squeezes

Body taps- using your hands to tap different parts of your body.

Stretching your hands arms or legs to make shape movements. Your arms making a circular movement could represent the sun- especially if you were holding some shiny paper/ tin foil



Sensory items to touch- soft materials, crinkly paper, ice, fans to create wind, something warm to mimic the sun. Fake grass to touch or go underfoot. Sand, stones, water beads, water. There are lots of household items you can use. Consider temperature - Something warm to represent a hot climate or warming up. Ice cubes, Ice pools or ice packs to represent a cold climate, getting cold or something cold in the story.

Frozen water balloons are a great visual and tactile prop. They could be planets or bubbles, treasure or under the sea creatures. 

Create a sensory bag using a zip lock bag and some goop or hair gel.  A lovely tactile resource which can be water/ something cold/ soft. You can add orbeez, sequins, glitter to change the texture/ visual

You can use plastic eggs/ tubs, tins, boxes to reveal objects or to feel for objects. Feely bags are also a great idea. You can use a pillow case or a large envelope too.



Tin foil can be the sun or the moon, dark material can be the night sky. You can use fabric to make great visuals- even using items of clothing.

Bubbles are a fantastic fun and easy resource to make. You can have fun trying different sizes with different objects.

Pictures from magazines or photographs.

Toys- different characters

Objects from around your home



You can explore all kinds of lotions and positions to create smells. Petals and water can create a perfume.

Herbs and spices can recreate cooking smells or outdoor smells. Fruit tea bags can also add smell.

Citrus fruit can add smells but is also interesting to touch and maybe even taste!

Smelly playdough or putty (also good for tactile- mud or squashing sensation)

Jelly or Angel Delight can be great to hide things in- lovely sensory play. And you can smell and eat it too!

The Blue Abyss a sensory story about the sea. See the printable for the full story.

Tiger who came to tea story retell

Free sensory app